Performance Management Solutions

Ditch cumbersome performance management systems that do not work!

Skill Builders Botswana offers you an effective and robust online performance management solution to boost your workplace productivity.

Performance management system features:

  • Easy to setup & use and highly cost effective
  • Set goals and Key Result Areas linked to job description
  • Drive continuous performance management, self and peer reviews, 360° & continuous Feedback
  • Manage Annual Reviews, Succession Planning & Compensation planning
  • Mobile Compatibility - Anytime, anywhere access
  • Automated reminders, alerts and task lists
  • Compatible with all operating systems - Linux, Microsoft
  • Training needs analysis
  • Detailed reports and drill-down dashboards
  • Continuous user coaching and support

The online performance management solution offered by skill builders Botswana supports the traditional end to end life-cycle of Performance Reviews such as:

  • Goal setting to Review ratings
  • normalization of scores & gradation of employees,
  • linking increments & bonus payouts to performance &
  • closing the process with issuing review, promotion & increment letters.

It provides a 360 Feedback Tool that helps you to seek feedback for employees from

  • internal Stakeholders i.e. Seniors, Juniors & Peers; and also
  • Uniquely, external stakeholders like Customers, Partners & Vendors

Tools provided in the hands of employees, in terms of

  • Instant Feedback that allows them to give to & get from anyone within the organisation
  • Recommendations that allow integration to LinkedIn & external emails

Analytics provided by the performance management solution helps you drill down to analyse employee performance at an objective level & identify organizational strengths & weaknesses, with tools to compare within departments & employees. All this is supported through

  • flexible configurations
  • comprehensive analytics & reporting
  • automated notifications & reminders

With the performance management solution offered by Skill Builders Botswana, you:

  1. Best Business Practices - Get recommendations to best practices in Performance Management
  2. Process Automation - saves time from manual tasks, follow-up & reminders
  3. On Record - all performance data available at one common repositiry
  4. Cost of Ownership - No more expensive hardware/software installation or maintenance. Low investment Service model pricing based on number of users
  5. Anytime, anywhere secure access - It's just like accessing emails on the web with username & password for each user

The product management philosophy is guided by the principles of

  1. Enhancing customer value
  2. Improving employee engagement
  3. Making performance management a continuous imperative

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