Mission & Vision

We strongly believe that to remain competitive in a global economy, Botswana businesses must have a skilled workforce that is able to adapt to change and be a globally acceptable workforce. With a great need to enhance workplace skills, many businesses are seeing the need in training and equipping their personnel.

Our Mission

Build up people to be confident, vibrant individuals to form part of an energetic strong and inspired team and community to achieve excellence in every sphere of life.

Our Vision

Skill Builders Botswana will build up an inspired strong, committed, and energetic workforce through its unique training interventions, services and student empowerment programs.

Our Inspiration – Botswana’s long term vision for a stronger community & workforce

As per the Vision 2016 of Botswana prosperity, productivity and innovation in terms of sustainable Growth and Diversification are some of the key areas of focus.

Inspired by this vision Skill Builders Botswana aims to address productivity issues in the workplace and inculcate and hone customer service skills, work ethics and thereby increase sustainable employability.