Skill Builders Botswana’s Approach to Training

Most training is highly expensive without tangible results and is outsourced to foreign agencies. There is no tangible ROI on Training.

Our unique approach to training in any organization has a long lasting impact. Our Training programs are cost effective, result oriented and a memorable learning experience.

We believe that to achieve positive results, businesses must establish a training program that includes the following elements that we emphasize:

  • Needs analysis - Training shouldn’t be done just for the sake of doing it. To ensure quantifiable results, it is essential to analyse what skills employees are lacking and what business results are desired.
  • Defined, measurable objectives - an organization can measure its training program by whatever factors it wishes to improve: customer satisfaction, quality, productivity, employee engagement, sales or revenue, retention, or overall profitability and process improvement are a few examples.
  • Resources - our experienced and accredited trainers are able to assist with all phases of the training cycle: analysis, setting measurable objectives, designing and facilitating the training, and evaluating the results.
  • Results evaluation - it is possible to demonstrate the return on investment in training. Successful evaluation begins with knowing exactly what is to be accomplished before designing the training program, then diligently measuring the results to establish transfer of knowledge back to the workplace. We also ensure that ample support is given to our clients to build a culture to encourage employees to translate the effects of training to everyday work place behaviour.